Saturday, August 11, 2007

A New Subway Experience

Took the S subway from Times Square, to Grand Central the other day and was in for an interesting surprise. Looks like Westin resorts decided to decorate the trains in the style of places one might use to escape from the city. The one I ended up on was decorated in the style of a tropical rain forest, complete with a canopy layer on the ceiling. I wonder if this is just something temporary for the S, or if we will be seeing more of this in the future on the subways? I would be all for it, ever since they got rid of the redbirds, the NYC subways have needed something. And who better to pay for it than big corporations with advertising dollars?

Although, after certain events on July 16, and August 9, 2007, I'm not sure I like the idea of turning the stairs at Grand Central station into tropical waterfalls. Yes, these are fake, but from other pictures I've seen, they have a certain eerie realism to them.

Healthy Gametime Snack

Went to my first Yankee game last week, beforehand some folks outside the stadium were selling mango for $2.00 per bag, sprinkled with chili, lime, and salt. For the health, and budget conscious, can you think of a better alternative?
While I will admit I was a bit naughtier during later innings, what is baseball without Cracker Jacks? If I were seriously dieting, this would make an apt gametime snack.